Local, Organic, Sustainable -  a mission to save dairies.


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Alabama Chai is a beverage company, which sells unique micro-brewed organic tea beverages, prepared in the Chai method, to be sold in grocery stores, cafés, restaurants and other venues where ready-to-drink (RTD) products are sold.

Alabama Chai is all organic.  The milk comes from very happy Alabama grass-fed cows, which are showered twice a day, and are free to frolic in the grass with bulls.  It is pasteurized using a low-temperature method, protecting the healthy bacteria and fats so that it more easily digested.  It is not homogenized and there are no hormones added.  This milk is delish.

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Alabama Chai was founded Marshall Malone who returned to his native Alabama after 14 years in New England. He launched the Portsmouth Tea Company in New Hampshire in 2005, followed by Teasy Teas LLC. in 2010. While in New England, he learned about the challenges of the dairy farmer. The idea steeped - along with his core values; an unwavering focus on what matters.  Alabama Chai was a long dream come to fruition, to make the best tea in the most responsible way.  Using local organic dairies, and brewing in micro batches using all natural ingredients. The taste is divine.